Pension Consultants, Inc. (PCI) is on a mission. To provide rewarding retirement through plan management designed to prepare participants to retire on time with dignity. PCI has 25+ years of experience dedicated to qualified retirement plans.  

Proven, recognized expertise managing investments

PCI now has nearly $4 billion in our care

Clear fee-only structure focused on plan performance, measured each quarter

Conflict-free advice and action

PCI never accepts commissions or gifts

Services that matter

Plan is liberated from unnecessary activities and expenses


$4 Billion

in assets under PCI care

25+ years of experience

dedicated to qualified retirement plans

Improving the Financial Security of American Workers

Pension Consultants, Inc. operates with the purpose of improving the financial security of American workers. Each element of our business, from the structure of our teams to the plan management we provide our clients, is designed to build rewarding retirements for our client's retirement plans. By building our purpose into our company culture, we strive to consistently evolve, improve, and focus on delivering our clients rewarding retirement for participants.


PCI has been providing retirement plan management to the qualified retirement plan industry since 1994. Our team is comprised of experts in each of the three drivers of offering a rewarding retirement: investment management, vendor management, and participant management. We use a transparent, fee-for-service business model that align our fee to the performance we can deliver for plans under our care.


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