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Words for Fiduciaries

As a member of a plan's fiduciary committee, you are in a position to demand results and positively impact the lives of people who depend on you. Dedication to them needs to be in your heart. The rest you can learn.

Words for Advisers

Our devotion must be singularly to our clients, not product suppliers. This means cutting out all sales commissions, up-front and ongoing. And our industry must transparently and clearly report our value contribution.

Every fiduciary committee needs to be equipped with the right tools. PCI has designed fiduciary committee resources and templates to help put your meetings on track and leave you time to focus on preparing your participants to retire on time with dignity.


Download the resources featured in Rewarding Retirement here



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Founder & Chairman of Pension Consultants, Inc. | Industry Authority | Author

Brian D. Allen, CFP®, has been an advocate for professionalism and a quiet pioneer in the qualified retirement plan industry for more than 25 years. He is Founder and Chairman of Pension Consultants, Inc. (PCI), based in Springfield, Missouri.


PCI is a fee-only plan adviser on a mission to improve the financial security of American workers. Consistently ranked among top industry leaders, PCI embraces plan management based on transparent results for participants, with the goal of putting a Rewarding Retirement within reach for all. By zeroing in on participant outcomes, Allen engineered PCI’s focus on helping plans build total contributions, strong investment performance, and low fees, all openly compared to objective performance standards.


Allen also was an early mover to a business model that eliminates incentives and inducements that can influence recommendations to clients, including commissions, gifts, marketing payments, and exotic trips. His entire career has been dedicated to helping plan committees deliver meaningful results for their participants.



Millions of Americans are counting on 401(k) and related defined-contribution plans to fulfill their retirement dreams—that is, if their plan is a good one. Though some plans perform superbly, many others suffer from questionable investments and poor management that leave them vulnerable to litigation and federal sanctions. How can you tell the difference?

In Rewarding Retirement, Brian D. Allen gets rid of the guesswork for the fiduciaries who operate those plans. Fascinating and informative with a wealth of insights, it is an insider’s guide that finally equips fiduciaries with the tools that they need to feel confident and proud of a job well done.


Fiduciary Role is an honor and a challenge

Retirement Plans are good for one and all 

Roots of ERISA

The Rules of playing the retirement plan game

How fiduciaries can keep out of trouble

Conducting the plan committee orchestra

How to provide a plan's investment lineup that outperforms


How to lower fees paid by the plan

How to help your people contribute enough

Doing good work builds rewarding retirement



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Brian inspires fiduciary committees to seek the best path to success for their participants. An authority in the retirement plan industry for more than 25 years, he combines inspiration with practical, actionable advice about how to break through tradition, confusion, and apathy to achieve results. Brian can speak to general audiences and to unique plan sponsors and fiduciary committees. He will guide you through the book and put you on a path to elevate workers, companies, and communities.


Currently, Brian is available for virtual appearances only. Have questions about inviting Brian to speak? Follow this link and complete the Contact Form to start the booking process.




If you’re a member of the news media interested in speaking with Brian, please send an email to for the fastest response. Or you can follow this link and complete the Contact Form.


Brian Allen, CFP® was recently featured on BusinessRadioX Retirement Tips, with host Beau Henderson. He discusses the fiduciary role, and how committees can provide a Rewarding Retirement to their employees. Listen now for free!


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